Our core activity is the production of zinc castings using die-casting technology. We produce castings weighing between 5 and 250 grams under a pressure of 5 to 100 tonnes. Both small product series in the range of thousands of items and mass production for multinational corporations are within our capabilities.

Our family-run Company places maximum emphasis on customer satisfaction, flexibility, quality, and open and direct communication when addressing the needs and requirements of our customers.

All production processes are subject to the standards under ISO 9001:2014 and ISO 14001:2016 certification.



Within Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, we realize the project:

"automatic 3D multifunction measuring equipment"

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The main objective of the project is to acquire an automatic 3D multifunction measuring equipment.


We have initiated cooperation with the Faculty of the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice and are participating in a research project as part of the EPSILON programme announced by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. Project TH04020055 is solved with financial support of TA CR. The aim of the project is research and development of zinc waste recycling technology during the production of high-quality zinc alloy castings. 


2017 saw the successful commissioning of the new ERP system (VYRON), which helps us to monitor key production process parameters, to effectively manage individual orders and to better optimise the production process and material flow, thereby contributing to shorter order processing times and significantly reducing low-quality production.


In 2015, we successfully carried out a project as part of the OPPI programme, during which we acquired two cutting-edge FRECH machines with RC die casting process control. This technology significantly optimises the casting process, its speed and the resulting quality of castings. 


In 1991, Erich Gräther founded the Company GRÄTHER-DRUCKGUSS, where his education and apprenticeship in the field of toolmaking, as well as his long-term experience as a designer of casting moulds, could be put to good use. Production began in rented manufacturing premises in Donaueschingen. Thanks to Mr Gräther's technical and business skills, the Company enjoyed stable growth and moved into a new production hall in Hüfingen in 1996. In response to increased customer demand and in an attempt to maintain the Company's competitive ability, construction of new premises in Vodňany began in 2000, at the same time building and shaping a new direction in the Company's future development.

  • 1991 - The Company is founded by Erich Gräther
  • 1995 - The family of the current owner, Iveta Boskov, initiates collaboration with the company Gräther
  • 1996 - The Company relocates to larger premises in Hüfingen in the German state of Baden-Württemberg
  • 2000 - Mrs Boskov becomes the managing director of the newly founded Czech subsidiary Gräther-Tlakové lití s.r.o., working on the project to construct a new production hall on her own land. The project is completed in December 2002.
  • 2006 - The manufacturing premises in Vodňany are expanded with the addition of a new hall for separation.
  • 2008 - Mrs. Boskov and her family purchase a business share in both the German and Czech branches of the Company from Mr. Gräther
  • 2014 - Construction of a new warehousing and assembly hall in the Czech Republic with an approximate area of 1,000 m2
  • 2016 - Transfer of the entire production programme and technology to the Czech Republic, and closure of the German branch in Hüfingen.
  • 2017 - A new corporate structure and new business name GD Druckguss

In its current business and production structure, 40 employees work for the Company today. Our priority remains meeting goals for maintaining quality standards, flexibility and, thereby, customer satisfaction.