Our technological equipment allows us to produce castings with weights ranging from 1 to 750 grams.

We process ZP 0410 (ZnAl4Cu1) and ZP 0430 (ZnAl4Cu3) zinc alloys. We use ZP 0410 alloy for the vast majority of our products.

It has excellent castability properties and is suitable for parts with complex shapes. At the same time, it can be used to achieve exact dimensions and a high-quality surface finish, allowing for possible surface treatment with minimum requirements for further processing.


In our production, we use zinc supplied by approved European suppliers. We solely use EN 1774 or EN 12844 compliant alloys. The zinc quality is monitored and tested on a continuous basis.


We also outsource the surface treatment and galvanising of castings according to your requirements, exclusively cooperating with time-tested, reliable and certified partners.

Standard surface treatments include zinc passivation with sealing. This surface treatment improves the corrosion resistance of castings, while also having a positive effect on their appearance.

Another common surface treatment is electrolytic nickel plating. These modifications are commonly used in the electrical power industry. Such treatment improves both the visual properties and electrical conductivity of castings.

We also offer special custom surface finishes such as silvering, gilding, chrome plating, brassing, blackening and powder coating. We can offer other types of surface treatment according to your needs.