We use die casting machinery supplied by German FRECH and T-SOK multislides. Our machinery currently includes machines with clamping capacities ranging from 5 to 80 tonnes.

We upgrade our machinery on a regular basis. In addition to conventional machinery, we expanded the die casting capacities with multislide technology in 2021.

We use the die casting machinery to make castings in small-scale serial batches from 1,000 items, to mass production in the range of 10 million items per year.


We purchased the first fully electric multislide for fast and efficient die casting in 2021. This technology enables faster casting of small better quality castings. We plan to invest in this technology in the future. 


We can offer part separation and tumbling based on customer requirements. This technology uses RÖSLER ANNULAR VIBRATORS AND MTF SEPARATION DRUMS. These equipment pieces are used individually, as well as within separation lines.

We possess TG-1 blasting equipment for eliminating burr and improving the casting surface. 


According to our customers' requirements, we are able to offer the following finishing operations for zinc castings:

  • production of internal metric threads from sizes M2.5 to M12.
  • casting calibration
  • assembly and finishing work


As part of our efforts to continuously improve the quality of our castings, we purchased a new pre-melting furnace from MELTEC in 2018.