Our products are manufactured on 13 pressure die-casting machines from the German manufacturer FRECH. Our machine fleet currently consists of three 5-tonne, four 20-tonne, two 50-tonne, three 80-tonne and one 100-tonne die casting presses.

We regularly modernise our machine fleet. In early 2015, we purchased two new FRECH casting machines equipped with modern RC control systems thanks to the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation grant programme.

We manufacture castings in small-scale serial batches from 1,000 items, to mass production in the range of 10 million items per year.


According to our customers' requirements, we are able to offer the following finishing operations for zinc castings:

  • production of internal metric threads from sizes M2.5 to M12.
  • casting calibration
  • assembly and finishing work


We also provide surface treatment and galvanic plating of castings according to your requirements, cooperating exclusively with time-tested, reliable and certified partners.

Standard provided surface treatments include zinc passivation with sealing. This surface treatment improves the corrosion resistance of castings, while also having a positive effect on their appearance.

Other regularly provided modifications include galvanic nickel plating. These modifications are commonly used in the electrical power industry. It improves both the visual properties and the electrical conductivity of castings.

We also offer special custom surface finishes such as silvering, gilding, chrome plating, brassing, blackening and powder coating. We can offer other types of surface treatment according to your needs.


As part of our efforts to continuously improve the quality of our castings, we purchased a new pre-melting furnace from the company MELTEC in 2018. At the same time, together with the Faculty of the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, we decided to co-fund a research project within the framework of the EPSILON programme, which focuses on research and development of technology for zinc waste recycling during the production of high quality zinc alloy die-castings. Project TH04020055 is solved with financial support of TA CR.